Whether you are dealing with internal or external distress, I am here to help. Here are some of the areas I focus on:

(listed alphabetically)

Forms of Treatment

I enjoy using a creative and holistic approach that is tailored for each client. Please let me know if you are interested in any of the following:

Process Groups for LGBTQ People of Faith

Community is a powerful way to promote healing. Through this process group, we explore the wounds we’ve been harboring as individuals who could never quite fit-in or be seen as valuable in our faith communities or in the LGBTQ community. Here we create a space for reconciling two vital parts of our identity: our faith and our sexual orientation. Contact me for more details or to reserve your spot for the next round of sessions: jaclyn@jaclynsyder.com



I am a certified Parent Educator of Positive Discipline, a practical approach to raising kids who are responsible and compassionate. I periodically hold workshops for parents and teachers. I also enjoy going through the principles with parents in my practice as a 6-7 week individualized course.

Please contact me for more details: jaclyn@jaclynsnyder.com


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