New Season Launching Fall 2017!

Mountains are for Moving is an inspirational podcast about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We’ll interview parents with kids who have special needs, non-profit founders, mental-illness over-comers, and probably people just like you!


Hi! I’m Susan, founder of the nonprofit ‘Austin Angels’ located in Austin, TX. We work really hard to make sure that kids in the foster system feel loved, validated and cared for. I’m a wife, a mom of two boys, and a full-time advocate. I believe that small things can add up to big things. I’m a dreamer with big dreams. I enjoy spending time with family, I love me some good coffee, I’ll drop most anything to have a nice meaty conversation. I believe in miracles, I live for kids, I cherish stillness (Psalm 46:10), and I thrive from bravery. The characteristic I find most appealing is humility. None of us are perfect. My imperfect life is made to serve a perfect God and for that I am so grateful.

Susan Ramirez, Founder and President of Austin Angels


Hi, I’m Jaclyn, psychotherapist and social activist junkie. I love music from Kendrick Lamar to Led Zeplin. I’m into Jesus but probably one of the most politically liberal people you’ll ever meet. It’s fun (but sometimes mind-numbingly challenging) to be in the intersection of two or more worlds that don’t usually collide and I’m passionate about reconciliation. Thanks so much for tuning in, we hope to leave you inspired!

Jaclyn Snyder, MFT-A, M.S. Clinical Psychology, Social Activist