Anxiety Resources

With thoughts swirling constantly and a body tense with fearful anticipation, anxiety can be one of the most debilitating experiences a human can struggle with. Anxiety steals us out of the present moment, making it difficult to enjoy our lives. We become disconnected from ourselves and others.

I once dealt with crippling anxiety and am happy to report that with just adding a few coping skills, it no longer has the same power over me. Here are some of my favorite resources for coping with anxiety:

Mind Over Mood is a classic CBT workbook that has been tried and true for decades. The problem with anxiety is that it often involves perceived, but not real, threats. This book can help us to learn how to determine if our thoughts are lying to us.

The Feeling Good Handbook also has very practical exercises to help relieve anxiety fast. Dr. Burns also explains different types of anxiety and helps us to understand what is happening in our minds when we feel anxious. Bonus: This book contains a whole second book about how to work through anxiety in relationships.

The Untethered Soul is about mindfulness and is quite empowering. The book itself can be a little ”heady” so I recommend this guided journal to help make the content more applicable to your life.

Anatomy of the Heart goes way beyond anxiety and helps us to understand all of our emotional states. This book is a great resource for the emotionally curious but will not serve as immediate relief for panic or anxiety disorder. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful book with life-changing insights.

Calm (App) This app is one of the only apps I pay for. I’ve had it for 4 years and it has been an invaluable resource. It contains meditation programs, sleep stories (for adults and kids), music, and quick tools to use if you are currently experiencing anxiety.

The Tapping Solution (App)– I have recently discovered this app and I am huge fan of tapping as an alternative to traditional meditation. This is especially helpful if you struggle to sit through meditation- I see you fellow ADHDers! The only downside is the steep subscription fee. I decided to opt out and use a YouTube channel for free when I feel like tapping.

Inner Balance by Heart Math (Device and App)– Biofeedback is very popular for working with anxiety. This device allows you to see your heart rate in real time as you go through their meditations. It can be very helpful to learn how to pay attention to signs of anxiety within your body and then how to relax your body.

I hope you found this article helpful! If you are living in the state of Texas and would like to work through your anxiety, I can give you tools that will change your life in just one month. Reach out to me for a free consultation and let’s slay that anxiety dragon!